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Virginia Telemental Health Initiative
Building Supports for Underserved Areas and Appalachia

The Virginia Telemental Health Initiative (VTMHI) is a pilot program focused on meeting the mental health needs of Virginians who are medically underserved and cannot access care due to limited income, being un- or under-insured, and provider shortages. VTMHI expands access to timely and appropriate telemental health services by collaborating with Virginia’s free and charitable clinics and mental health providers who are in the process of meeting their licensure requirements. 

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Supporting Virginia’s Free and Charitable Clinics

Together with free clinic collaborators and the Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, VTMHI aims to strengthen the safety net for mental health care for Virginians. VTMHI will provide participating free and charitable clinics with the tools, technology, training, staff, and other elements needed to enhance access to telemental health services.

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Calling on Virginia’s Providers – Counseling and Social Work Supervisors 

A recent survey of 575 licensed behavioral and mental health providers in Virginia reported almost 60% would consider volunteering as a tele-supervisor / tele-mentor for a pre-licensed individual offering uncompensated care to populations that are medically underserved.

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Supporting Virginia’s Future Providers – Pre-Licensed Mental Health Providers

Virginia is experiencing mental health staffing shortages, which are anticipated to worsen over the coming years. More providers are expected to retire over the next several years than there are graduates to replace them. To help expedite licensure, VTMHI will match pre-licensed behavioral and mental health providers with supervisors, enabling virtual mentorship across the Commonwealth.

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Expanding Access to Care for All Virginians – Patients

Many areas of Virginia and beyond are experiencing a mental health crisis – and no one should be limited when it comes to accessing care. If you or someone you know is in need of behavioral or mental health support, click here for local resources and to learn how VTMHI aims to help. 

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