Josh Shorter


My passion is driven through the use of self, and fostering an environment that can lead to self-actualization. We often ask ourselves, how can we become better and feel like we have self-worth? Do you find yourself often thinking, how can I take the next step to better my overall emotional health and live a life of purpose and fulfillment? Therapy can lead to a better understanding of our own mental health and reveal underlining causes that are often caused by our own self-disrupting behaviors. As a mental health practitioner I would like to lead you on the path of self-discovery and help you identify therapeutic goals to better your sense of self; identify obstacles that are holding you back, and come up with strategies to overcome each obstacle. Remember, it is okay to not be okay.

I believe that each and every person has the toolbelt they need to overcome their daily struggles, but often we just need some assistance in learning how to use those tools within our toolbelts for positive reinforcement. I have a passion for geriatrics and LGBTQ+ and any client who just isn’t sure they have a place in which they fit. I believe that you are the person who knows you best, but we are often found in places in which we feel as though no one can understand our feelings/thoughts/concerns.

My focus is working with individuals over 18+ and older adults. I have experience working with veterans, older adults, those at end of life,  and with the grief associated with death and dying. Some of my therapeutic models include Mindfulness, CBT, Solution-focused therapy, and Systems Theory.  I have a passion for helping individuals who are bereaved and helping overcome all components of grief.

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